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Project proposals

CIRIA’s collaborative research results in the design and production of high quality and authoritative industry guidance. Find out more about the benefits of collaborative research.

The CIRIA projects listed below are seeking industry involvement and funding. Please select a project proposal for more information. Alternatively, you can download the latest programme in document form here. 

Proposals by theme: 
Sustainable Water and Environmental Management
Construction and Infrastructure Asset Management
Communities of Practice
Sustainable Land Reuse

Sustainable Water and Environmental Management 

P3256 - SuDS Manual update
This project will update the current 2015 edition of the SuDS manual to coincide with proposed new SuDS legislation.
P3270 - susdrain 2022 - 2024
This project will focus the next phase (2022-2024) of the susdrain project. Supporting those involved in the delivery of high quality SuDS schemes.
Guidance on enabling community maintenance for local flood risk management – Phase 2
This project will explore approaches to enable and empower local community groups to undertake appropriate and routine maintenance of local flood risk management infrastructure
P3255 - Getting SuDS right from the start
This project will provide principles for the cost-effective integration of SuDS within developments that makes efficient use of available land and informs the earliest stages of the development process.
P3043 - Scoping study on innovative funding and financing for Integrated Water Management
This project will scope out and provide guidance on national and international approaches that might support UK IWM delivery by different stakeholders (including organisations, individuals and the community).

Construction and Infrastructure Asset Management

P3284 - Geotechnical slope drainage
This project will produce guidance on the design, specification, construction, post-construction operation and maintenance of slope drainage systems applicable across the infrastructure landscape in Britain and Eire and beyond.
P3273 - Engineering in chalk - 2nd edition
This project will update the guidance in C574 to reflect the 20 years gain in deeper knowledge to benefit future infrastructure projects which interface with chalk.
P3285 - Cost standards for dredging equipment - guidance update
This new guide will bring CIRIA C684 Dredging Cost Standards fully up to date providing an overview of the current dredging industry developments, pressures and opportunities
P3286 - Offshore infrastructure asset management
CIRIA propose the development of good-practice guidance focusing on the design, maintenance and removal of offshore infrastructure assets.
P3278 - Bridge detailing guide refresh
This project will update CIRIA guidance C543 Bridge Detailing Guide published in 2001
P3277 - Sustainable geosystems in civil engineering
The proposed new CIRIA guidance will reflect current thinking on cutting carbon within the construction industry in relation to climate change mitigation and adaption.

Communities of Practice  

Community of practice - Biodiversity Interest Group (BIG)
This project will create a community of practice for improving biodiversity value through a practitioners’ network focused on collaboration and sharing knowledge to enhance and improve biodiversity across transport, utilities, housing & development.
P3321 Driving Net Zero Carbon - Community of Practice
This new initiative brings together sustainability practitioners from across multiple sectors and disciplines within infrastructure to help the Government drive the pathways to NZC 2050 .

Building construction, process and technology

Performance specifications guidance
This project will produce a guide to developing appropriate forms of functional specification which would not act as a barrier to the adoption of offsite manufacturing and MMC.
Managing IP for MMC
This project will produce a practical guide in the management of and effective use of intellectual property in the design and production of products and modules suitable for use in the offsite manufacturing and MMC industry.

Sustainable land reuse

P3292 - A good practice guidance for development of old landfill sites
This guide will provide up-to-date good practice on how to redevelop old landfill sites including how to navigate the regulatory regime.
P3282 - Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Forum
This project will produce the first UK comprehensive guidance on risk assessment and management of PFAS in soil and water.
P3266 - A good practice guide for managing climate change
This guidance will help construction professionals manage climate change risks in land development projects, ensuring sustainability, reducing liabilities and costs, securing funding, and preventing delays.
P3177 - Extreme climate incidents and contaminated land interest group
The question is ‘Will extreme climate incidents have any impact on the way that we currently reuse brownfield sites particularly those that are contaminated?’
P3283 - A good practice guidance for risk management of microplastics in soil
This proposal will deliver a good practice guide to help construction professionals manage the generation and spread of microplastics in different types of construction projects.
P3291 - A good practice for odour management on contaminated sites
This guidance will address odour challenges on construction sites, aiding in managing issues, complying with regulations, and mitigating impacts on communities.