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Extreme climate incidents and contaminated land interest group (P3177)

Whether you accept that climate change is occurring or not, extreme weather events are now a reality.  Flooding, particularly from heavy downpours, is one of the key climate change threats for the UK.  This, of course, has put homes, businesses, and infrastructure at greater risk of inundation from floodwater. 

It is clear from DCLG’s report, Fixing our broken housing market 2017 that there is a housing shortage, with the government driving policies forward to ‘build more homes’ in the UK quickly.  The 2012 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which states that ‘local plans should take account of climate change over the longer term, including factors such as flood risk. New developments should be planned to avoid increased vulnerability to the range of impacts arising from climate change’

The question is ‘Will extreme climate incidents have any impact on the way that we currently reuse brownfield sites particularly those that are contaminated?

Project objectives

This project will look to generate a number of products, and activities such as events, web pages and short paper/documents which will:
1.  Provide a forum to discuss the impact of extreme weather events and other climate change incidents on risk assessment, and management of brownfield sites particularly those which are contaminated.
2.  Raise the awareness of practitioners, regulators, and other interest bodies on the subject, and how brownfield projects can be more 'weather proof’.
3.  Provide a one stop shop for case studies, guidance and other information on the subject.

Project status
This project is currently in development

Further information
For further information or to get involved with this project please contact Joanne Kwan.