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CIRIA Biodiversity Community of Practice (P3269)

Biodiversity policies and regulations are continually evolving, with the next critical milestone being the mandatory requirement for biodiversity net gain scheduled for Winter 2023. Biodiversity net gain principles demonstrate how a proposed development will be of benefit to biodiversity in a measurable manner and counteract any biodiversity losses and are being requested more frequently by local planning authorities to inform a planning application.

The Biodiversity CoP was created early 2022 as a response to this fluctuating and sometimes challenging context. It offers a platform for biodiversity practitioners to share knowledge and build capacity. This CoP is responsible for the Biodiversity Challenge Awards including a series of webinars showcasing good practice from past award winners. CoP members scoped and led a biodiversity net gain webinar and are participating in CIRIA’s annual blue-green infrastructure conference.

Overview of the Community of Practice – Improving biodiversity value
The United Nations recognise the need for improved biodiversity through Sustainable Development Goal #15. Environmental and sustainability practitioners have a vital role to play in attaining this goal and in implementing government regulation and legislation aimed at improving biodiversity. Promotion, collaboration, and knowledge transfer through this community will help improve the outcomes for biodiversity within construction and the built environment. 


An opportunity for the industry to form a practitioners’ network which will generate more focused collaboration and enhance knowledge transfer aimed at improving and beneficially managing biodiversity across transport, utilities, housing and development sectors.  This network of academia, private and public entities will provide the thought leadership which could lead to key guidance resources through collaboration.

Project status
CIRIA is currently seeking industry support. 

Further information
More information on the Biodiversity Community of Practice dedicated website. To get involved with this community of practice please contact Adrien Baudrimont.