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Community of Practice - Biodiversity Interest Group (P3269)

Building on the success of CIRIA's Biodiversity Interest Group and published biodiversity guidance we are in discussion with practitioners in environment and sustainability regarding setting up a new Community of Practice focusing on growing support for the implementation of biodiversity net gain principles.  CIRIA has identified the need for such a network with clear objectives and outcomes for the next three years.

Overview of the Community of Practice – Improving biodiversity value

Environmental and sustainability practitioners have a vital role to play in building on the UN Sustainability Goals related to Biodiversity and the Government’s legislation and regulations aimed at improving biodiversity. Promotion, collaboration and knowledge transfer will help improve the outcomes for biodiversity within construction and the built environment.


An opportunity for the industry to form a practitioners’ network which will generate more focused collaboration and enhance knowledge transfer aimed at improving and beneficially managing biodiversity across transport, utilities, housing and development sectors.  This network of academia, private and public entities will provide the thought leadership which could lead to key guidance resources through collaboration.

Project status
CIRIA is currently seeking industry support. 

Further information
For more information and to get involved with this project please contact Adrien Baudrimont.