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Presenting the evidence base on SuDS performance (P3138)

Evidence has underpinned CIRIA’s guidance on SuDS and there is some limited, but dated information on SuDS performance available as well. The industry is generally becoming increasingly comfortable that SuDS work. However, despite this evidence on performance is still often required by key stakeholders to convince them of the specific contribution SuDS can make and support their delivery. Sharing information on SuDS performance was also highlighted as a priority in the UKWIR SuDS research roadmap. This project will collate previous literature reviews, information summarised as part of the SuDS Manual update (2015), and where relevant review other international databases as well as undertake engagement with UK universities to obtain relevant peer reviewed papers on performance.

The evidence for all SuDS components will be collated electronically (enabling searching) and presented to directly tackle some of the common questions raised by stakeholders and will also be reviewed with a view to assisting the development of some useful rules of thumb for SuDS planning, design and evaluation. The evidence base will be disseminated and shared via susdrain.

Project status
Final draft proposal has been developed and fundraising will begin soon.

Further information

For further information please contact Adrien Baudrimont at CIRIA.