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Project proposals

CIRIA’s collaborative research results in the design and production of high quality and authoritative industry guidance. Find out more about the benefits of collaborative research.

The CIRIA projects listed below are seeking industry involvement and funding. Please select a project proposal for more information. Alternatively, you can download the latest programme in document form here. 

Proposals by theme: 
Water, flooding, coastal and marine engineering
Infrastructure, civil and ground engineering
Environment and sustainability
Building construction, process and technology
Contaminated land

Water flooding, coastal and marine engineering

P3199 - Scour at bridges and other hydraulic structures phase 2 - database extension
This project will review recent experience and research and capture this information in a supplement to CIRIA's existing manual on scour at bridges and other hydraulic structures C742 (2015)
P2802 - Accreditation and/or assessment of SuDS – scoping
This project will explore the potential and methodology for an accreditation and/or assessment scheme to asses SuDS designs and designers supporting both the approval process and the delivery of high quality multi-beneficial SuDS.
P3043 - Scoping study on innovative funding and financing for Integrated Water Management
This project will scope out and provide guidance on national and international approaches that might support UK IWM delivery by different stakeholders (including organisations, individuals and the community).
P3255 - Getting SuDS right from the start
This project will provide principles for the cost-effective integration of SuDS within developments that makes efficient use of available land and informs the earliest stages of the development process.
Guidance on enabling community maintenance for local flood risk management – Phase 2
This project will explore approaches to enable and empower local community groups to undertake appropriate and routine maintenance of local flood risk management infrastructure
P3212 - Containment systems for pollution control - Phase 2
This project will produce a supplement guide to C736, drawing on the past six years worth of experience in the inspection, upgrading and repair of containment structures.
P3142 - SuDS adoption hierarchy and framework
This project will build on the SuDS Adoption and maintenance options (2015) fact sheet developed for susdrain by Arup. The guidance will explain current approaches for SuDS adoption, include case studies, provide some critical success factors in maki
P3204 - Sea outfalls - inspection, assessment and repair
This project will produce an operators guide on the need for and the procurement or execution of survey and inspection activities together with associated repair and modifications.
P3138 - Presenting the evidence base on SuDS performance
This project will collate previous literature reviews, information summarised as part of the SuDS Manual update (2015), and where relevant review other international databases as well as undertake engagement with UK universities to obtain relevant pe
P3083 - Resource pack to improve SuDS construction
CIRIA’s guidance on SuDS construction will be produced in the spring of 2017. It will be a guidance document, with an accompanying presentation that can be freely downloaded. Market research will be undertaken to inform the format of the resource pac
P3137 - Making B£ST better - improving functionality
This proposal sets out to develop guidance on blue roofs and the delivery of multiple benefits to improve confidence in their specification, design and delivery.
P2866 - Guidance on the inspection and maintenance of SuDS
This project will assess the need for repackaging and representing guidance.
P3270 - susdrain 2022 - 2024
This project will focus the next phase (2022-2024) of the susdrain project. Supporting those involved in the delivery of high quality SuDS schemes.
P3139 - Development of a consistent SuDS monitoring specification
This project will develop a specification for monitoring all SuDS components that provide baseline parameters and characteristics to enable robust and consistent comparisons.
P3256 - SuDS Manual update
This project will update the current 2015 edition of the SuDS manual to coincide with proposed new SuDS legislation.
P3085 - Guidance on cost effective SuDS delivery
This project will create guidance expanding on the SuDS Manual, collating case studies and disparate research on costs to provide advice on practical approaches to improve the cost effectiveness of SuDS.

Infrastructure, civil and ground engineering

P3278 - Bridge Detailing Guide Refresh
This project will update CIRIA guidance C543 Bridge Detailing Guide published in 2001
P3252 - Geospatial Community of Practice
This CoP aims to increase focused collaboration and knowledge transfer aimed at improving the awareness of ongoing developments in the geospatial market.
P3285 - Cost standards for dredging equipment - Guidance update
This CoP aims to increase focused collaboration and knowledge transfer aimed at improving the awareness of ongoing developments in the geospatial market.
P3273 - Engineering in Chalk - 2nd Edition
This project will update the guidance in C574 to reflect the 20 years gain in deeper knowledge to benefit future infrastructure projects which interface with chalk.

Environment and sustainability

P3321 Driving Net Zero Carbon - Community of Practice
This new initiative brings together sustainability practitioners from across multiple sectors and disciplines within infrastructure to help the Government drive the pathways to NZC 2050 .
P2968 - Supporting environmental good practice on site through e-learning
CIRIA is proposing to develop a series of e-learning modules that build on the content of the fourth edition of the Environmental good practice on site guide (C741) and the existing accompanying one-day classroom training course (IEMA approved).
P3055 -Working with wildlife - supporting effective management on construction projects
This project will update CIRIA’s Working with wildlife: guidance for the construction industry (C691) by reflecting changes in regulation, legislation and development in practice since its publication in 2011
P3059 - Management of invasive species - update of CIRIA guidance
This project will update CIRIA’s previous guidance and will be complemented by a series of briefings describing individual invasive species and detailing the relevant techniques to manage them.
Community of practice - Biodiversity Interest Group (BIG)
This project will create a community of practice for improving biodiversity value through a practitioners’ network focused on collaboration and sharing knowledge to enhance and improve biodiversity across transport, utilities, housing & development.
P3164 - European Protected Species Policy
This project will review experience and lessons learned from the application of the different licencing approaches presented by the new European Protected Species Regulations. The project will gather evidence on successful innovative implementation o

Building construction, process and technology

Supporting the sector with new IP guidance
This project will produce a guide for the management and effective use of intellectual property in construction.
P3279 - Performance specifications guidance
This project will produce a guide to developing appropriate forms of functional specification which would not act as a barrier to the adoption of offsite manufacturing and MMC.
P3238 - Offsite construction - concept design and delivery
This project will deliver guidance to support initial concept planning for offsite construction, which could then be developed into a scheme design. The guide will show what is possible and what is available in the market place when an offsite soluti
Construction Innovation Alliance
Formed in 2019, this community of practice of infrastructure clients and Tier 1 suppliers has been sharing knowledge, experiences and approaches through baselining surveys, discussion workshops and information papers.

Contaminated land

P3266 - A guide for managing changing climate and contaminated land projects
This project will produce guidance that focuses on the effects of climate change on soil or land contamination practice.
P3190 - eTraining for hazardous ground gas
Hazardous ground gases is a major problems to many brownfield sites. However it is probably an area where there are many guidance and training available.
P3254 - A client’s guide for managing ground gases in modular buildings
This project will produce a short guide highlighting: how ground gas will affect the design and construction of foundation, drainage and other underground structures in modular buildings.
P3283 - A good practice guidance for risk management of microplastics in soil
This project will produce guidance that focuses on the effects of climate change on soil or land contamination practice.
P3177 - Extreme climate incidents and contaminated land interest group
The question is ‘Will extreme climate incidents have any impact on the way that we currently reuse brownfield sites particularly those that are contaminated?’
P3282 - Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Forum
This project will produce the first UK comprehensive guidance on risk assessment and management of PFAS in soil and water.