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Marine and coastal management

CIRIA Coastal and Marine management
The integrated and sustainable management of coastal and marine environments is a key research theme for CIRIA. Recent activities have covered topics on coastal and hydraulic engineering, dredged materials, use of materials and resources, coastal management and design issues, environmental management and also inspection and safety.

Accommodating the various competing uses of our coasts for flood defence and tourism are some of the challenges being faced by industry and regulators. These are exacerbated by changing climatic regimes and demographics so the coastal regions often have a number of pressures and challenges that need to be carefully managed. Key legislation has been set at a European level through the Marine Strategy Framework and in the UK through the Marine and Coastal Act. Both aim to ensure a good environmental status is achieved whilst still enabling the coastline and seas to be a productive resource for industry and local communities.

Our work aims to promote and improve coastal and marine management, enhance knowledge and understanding of coastal process and enable the sharing of good practice in the industry.

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Coastal and marine management publications

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