CIRIA briefings examine important and topical issues in construction and the built environment, including emerging technologies, regulatory and legislative changes, sustainability and industry standards and good practice. We issue new briefings on a monthly basis and have published over 160 to date. All CIRIA briefings are peer reviewed before being published.

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Latest briefings

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Reclamation and other uses of marine aggregate
Ruth Hynes reports from the 2016 EMSAGG event examining the role of marine aggregate for reclamation works, coastal protection, re nourishment projects, and other uses outside the construction industry  
Guidance on glazing at height - an introduction for the client (SP161)
An introduction to CIRIA's full report, Guidance on glazing at height (C632).  
The Role of Responsible Sourcing in the Sustainable Construction Agenda
Professor Jacqui Glass of Loughborough University discusses the role of responsible sourcing in construction  
SuDS in the community: suitable case for treatment?
David Singleton, DSA Environment + Design Ltd, gives a brief account of the benefits of SuDS and indicates where success has been achieved and why this might be the case  
Fit-out guidance to support sustainable practices
Karen Lambert, Marketing Director UK & Ireland, Interface, discusses the new CIRIA Environmental fit-out guide (C757) and how it can be used to create stronger cohesion through the supply chain.  
CDM has landed
Alan Gilbertson, CIRIA consultant, outlines the latest changes to the CDM regulations...  
CDM2015 – why you need to understand and prepare now
Alan Gilbertson discusses the forthcoming changes to the CDM regulations  
Preventing catastrophic events in construction - the construction industry moves
Alan Gilbertson, CIRIA, co-author of CIRIA’s report C699, outlines progress on the issue since 2011