Marine infrastructure effects – improving coastal biodiversity (CON246) 

CIRIA has been selected as a stakeholder network coordinator to help promote and raise awareness of the project in order to maximise its uptake and, hence its potential benefits and impact. CIRIA is working under contract to Bournemouth University – one of the UK partners of this European project consortium.

Project overview
Marine infrastructure used for coastal protection, flood defence, commercial or recreational purposes, which is ubiquitous on the channel coast has seldom been designed to enhance coastal and transitional water ecosystems. In recent years, attention is being paid to enhance these so-called “grey infrastructure” structures to provide habitats for marine life. 

This 3 year project (April 2019 – March 2022) has the following stages:
- Development of a number of prototype biomimetic structures that can be incorporated in coastal infrastructure, taking account of environmental (locational) constraints, material, fabrication and immersion methods.
- Testing and monitoring a number of prototypes in a variety of locations on both sides of the Channel to include breakwaters and yacht moorings 
- Undertaking a large scale trial of one of the more successful prototypes.

Further information

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CIRIA’s role

Engagement in this project brings together a number of CIRIA’s skills – both technical and management including:

  • CIRIA’s Project Management and Programme Dissemination (see example)
  • CIRIA’s work on Biodiversity net gain
  • Our longstanding programme of work on coastal infrastructure including old waterfront walls, groynes, use of rock in coastal engineering, the international levee handbook
  • Our on-going work on greening linear infrastructure 
Marineff Updates
  • The first newsletter has been released and can be found here!
  • The second biannual MARINEFF workshop of 2019 is being hosted on November 8th 2019, to sign up, click here