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CIRIA is a neutral, independent, not-for-profit organisation. We facilitate a range of collaborative activities that help improve the construction industry.


This guide to understanding and managing risks of Asbestos in soil and made ground recommends a ‘lines of evidence’ approach, where more than one method is used to estimate the airborne fibre concentrations likely to be generated from soils at the site.

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Managing urban flooding from heavy rainfall – encouraging the uptake of designing for exceedance (C738)
The outputs capture learning from consultation with stakeholders, an extensive literature review and present lessons learnt and recommendations to help support the uptake of designing for exceedance.

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Design, modification and removal of river weirs

CIRIA is updating guidance on the design, construction, maintenance and removal of river weirs. Originally published by the Environment Agency in 2003, the update will include changes to environmental requirements and attitudes towards biodiversity.
Image courtesy of Environment Agency.

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