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CIRIA is the Construction Industry Research and Information Association, a neutral, independent and not-for-profit body. 

Our vision is to be a leading enabler and preferred partner for performance improvement, driving collaboration across built environment and construction sectors for the identification, development and transfer of knowledge.

Improvement, innovation and research

Our work addresses industry issues, challenges and opportunities to provide business and delivery improvement. We work collaboratively across the construction industry to identify good practice, develop new approaches and to identify and enable innovation.
Networks and networking
Our networks enable industry groups and stakeholders to share knowledge and exchange ideas through events, reports, meetings and web services.

Networks and events also provide unique opportunities for networking and relationship building across supply chains and market sectors.

Training and CPD
Our training courses, training packs and CPD events cover a wide range of construction and built environment related topics. We also organise in-house training.

Membership of CIRIA provides access to all our services and a cost effective research, information and training resource that keeps organisations up-to-date with emerging policies, requirements, developments and guidance.

Engagement and influence

We are an independent forum for industry innovation and improvement.

We engage with policy groups, government sponsors and regulators, clients, consultants, contractors and suppliers, which provides our members with a unique insight to new and emerging developments and the opportunity to influence policy and industry development.

Conferences and events
Our programme of conferences and events is designed to raise awareness, share knowledge and to promote discussion on new and emerging topics.
Most of our research projects and activities result in the publication of guidance documents, many of which have been adopted as the standard for excellence in their respective areas. CIRIA Members can also access these guides in our resources section.

Information services
Our activities place us in a unique position to gain an early insight into policy and regulation development, changing operating environments and new developments in construction techniques and materials.

Our newsletters, briefings and events are designed to keep members informed on developments affecting both construction and the wider built environment.