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CIRIA organises and manages a wide-reaching programme of events each year. These events provide learning and networking opportunities for a wide cross-section of professionals across the construction industry.

From half-day seminars to high-profile international conferences, CIRIA events are tailored to the needs of its members and the wider industry and continuously seek to address the emerging topics and agendas of the day. Our events programme includes over 50 CPD accredited CIRIA network events each year, which are free for CIRIA members.
Begin DateTitleDescriptionCityEvent Type
20/09/2018Waste classification for soil - Data ManagementThis lunch time webinar will examine some of the mistakes and misunderstandings associated with the selection, transcription, use and classification of lab data and how an innovative development is 1) helping labs deliver a better product and 2) waste cla...WebinarLACL
26/09/2018ERIIP showcase - Coastal HazardsA showcase of NERC-funded innovation projects that take the outcomes of existing research and translate these into industry-relevant information and tools to help UK infrastructure identify environmental risks, assess their impacts on infrastructure and d...WebinarPROJ
27/09/2018Slope engineering research and rock netting guidance launchJoin us for a detailed look at CIRIA's latest industry guidance: Rock slope netting systems C775 and prospect research activities for engineered and natural slopes....South QueensferryNTWK
04/10/2018The challenges of developing on 'small' brownfield sitesJoin us for a detailed look at CIRIA's latest industry guidance: A guide for developments on 'small' contaminated sites C773....LondonNTWK
10/10/2018Lean Construction seminarAs part of its continuing programme on Lean, CIRIA is organising a seminar on Lean construction, including the synergies between Lean and Health & Safety. This will include members of the author team and steering group responsible for producing CIRIA&...LondonNTWK
17/10/2018How good are ground gas protection measures on buildings?This event will explore how hazardous ground gases, particularly methane, carbon dioxide, VOC's and radon are being dealt with in existing residential, commercial and industrial developments. It will also discuss the available retrofit protection meas...LondonPROJ
19/10/2018Integrated Water Management - joining up the water cycleThis free workshop developed by CaBA Urban Water Group (and funded by the Environment Agency) will provide a seminar and workshop to discuss the delivery of integrated water management in the South East and London. There will be a particular focus on the ...LondonPROJ
22/10/2018Webinar: What is circular economy in construction?A lunchtime webinar examining circular economy principles, issues and opportunities for the UK Construction Industry...WebinarNTWK
13/11/2018Innovative intrusive site investigation - now and the futureThis event will give you an insight of latest development and emerging approaches on intrusive site investigation. It will also provide an opportunity for you to meet potential suppliers and clients in this area. This is the first face-to-face event of...LondonPROJ
21/11/2018Fibre Reinforced Polymer BridgesThis guide gives advice to all designers, manufacturers and contractors who wish to use FRP composites materials in the construction of new infrastructure....LondonPROJ
22/11/2018Implementing a circular economy in the water sectorAn examination of current practice in adopting a circular economy through water engineering and water management...LondonNTWK
28/11/2018CIRIA Winter networking drinks receptionJoin other CIRIA members and staff for our winter networking drinks reception in central London....LondonNTWK