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CIRIA events

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CIRIA organises and manages a wide-reaching programme of events each year. These events provide learning and networking opportunities for a wide cross-section of professionals across the construction industry.

From half-day seminars to high-profile international conferences, CIRIA events are tailored to the needs of its members and the wider industry and continuously seek to address the emerging topics and agendas of the day. Our events programme includes over 50 CPD accredited CIRIA network events each year, which are free for CIRIA members.

Notice for new bookings from EU/EEA customers only.
CIRIA is currently unable to directly process your transaction if you are purchasing from the EU/EEA region. If you wish to book onto an event please email your request to [email protected] in the first instance. 

Begin DateTitleDescriptionCityEvent Type
7/14/2022Celebrating SuDS: the susdrain SuDS Awards 2022Join us for our third bi-annual susdrain SuDS Awards 2022. This celebratory event will showcase outstanding SuDS projects across the UK and will announce our SuDS Champions of 2022....HybridCOPE22114
7/18/2022How to make the most of your membershipJoin this lunchtime webinar to learn how to make the most of your CIRIA membership and access a wealth of knowledge and good practice from across the construction industry....WebinarNTWKE22206
7/19/2022Evaluating industry guidance on water damage risk managementJoin this webinar to hear from experts how industry guidance provides best practice on water damage risk management....WebinarCOPE22102
7/20/2022Management of PFAS – lessons learntJoin us for a virtual conference on polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to discover the latest developments and practical solutions in risk assessment and remediation featuring examples from the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA...Virtual conferenceLACLE22301
7/28/2022GIS for infrastructure asset management – new CIRIA guidanceJoin us for the launch of CIRIA’s new, highly anticipated, good practice guide 'Geographic information systems (GIS) for infrastructure asset management'....WebinarPROJE22711
8/3/2022Non-destructive testing (NDT) of civil structuresJoin this pre-recorded webinar for the launch of CIRIA’s new, highly anticipated good practice guide for Non-destructive testing for civil structures (C798)....WebinarNTWKE22213
8/10/2022Archaeology and construction: good practice guidanceJoin this pre-recorded webinar for the launch of CIRIA's updated publication 'Archaeology and construction: good practice guidance (C799)' which reflects the latest developments in practice, legislation and planning policy in the UK....WebinarNTWKE22214
8/17/2022Good site management for hazardous ground gasesJoin this pre-recorded webinar for the launch of CIRIA's new report, Hazardous ground gas - a site management guide (C801) and discover how to facilitate successful construction, verification and protection of ground gas protection measures on site....WebinarNTWKE22215
9/14/2022BIG Biodiversity Challenge Awards 2022Save the date for this year’s BIG Biodiversity Challenge Awards ceremony....LondonCOPE22112
9/19/2022Bioretention research and practiceSave the date for this event, hosted by The University of Sheffield and Newcastle University, which will showcase findings from the 'Urban Green DaMS' project....LondonPROJE22712
11/16/2022Sustainable soil managementSave the date for a virtual conference on sustainable soil management for construction projects....Virtual conferenceLACLE22302