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Offshore infrastructure asset management (P3286)

The UK is reliant on offshore infrastructure to maintain supply of power, energy, fuel and data. This reliance is becoming increasingly crucial as we move away from fossil fuels towards more sustainable energy solutions and an ever-developing interconnected digital world. Evidently, the risk of disruption to any of these poses a great threat, both socially and economically.

CIRIA propose the development of good-practice guidance focusing on the design, maintenance and removal of offshore infrastructure assets. With the topic of offshore infrastructure being rather extensive, this guide will focus on energy generation, offshore cables, pipelines and any other associated connections to key energy stations (e.g. Wind turbine structures).

The proposed approach involves creating a consortium of offshore infrastructure asset owners, policy makers, governing bodies, energy providers, consultants and contractors who are experienced in offshore asset management. Expertise from each of these perspectives can contribute enough knowledge and experience, and provide case studies that help to achieve the goals of this guidance document.

A CIRIA guide will demonstrate the necessity and impact of better management of our offshore infrastructure, clarifying its role and benefit to UK energy targets. Keeping sustainability at the heart of the guidance, the guide will explore ‘greener’ options where possible and discuss the importance of circular approaches by addressing the removal and re-use of decommissioned assets. The guide will act as a consolidated source of existing documentation widely accepted within the offshore industry.

Project status
This project is currently seeking technical and financial support.

Further information
For further information or to get involved with this project please contact Jack Young.

Project proposal
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