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ciriabest (CIRIA's benefits estimation tool)

Valuing the benefits of blue-green infrastructure

ciriabest (CIRIA's Benefits EStimation Tool) makes assessing the benefits of blue-green infrastructure quicker and easier, without the need for full-scale economic inputs. ciriabest is an online, spatial tool which guides the user through the benefits estimation process.

ciriabest provides a structured way to estimate the value of the multiple benefits of blue-green projects. It provides a robust method to estimate the monetary value of a range of benefits that are not normally quantified. Rather than assigning fixed values, ciriabest encourages the user to think about the level of confidence they have in the data they have used, and the value assigned to the benefits in the context of the project. The main goal of ciriabest is to enable robust business cases to be made to give confidence to decision makers in the value of such projects to society, the environment and the economy.
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  • encourages conversation between those involved in a project
  • shows what benefits can be provided by a project in comparison with a ‘do nothing’ baseline
  • is map-based, helping users to visualise the context of the project and import their own data
  • guides the user through a structured process of benefits estimation
  • enables a number of projects to be evaluated and compared within an identified area boundary
  • provides downloadable pdf outputs for use in presentations, funding bids and business plans
  • can be used in retrospect to demonstrate the multiple benefits of an existing project
  • draws on the latest and most reliable published data, saving time and effort in locating evidence
ciriabest licence options

Licences to use ciriabest are available for purchase (terms and conditions apply). A 10% discount will be automatically applied for CIRIA and susdrain members.
  • Individual user licence £600 + VAT per annum
  • Multiple users' licence* £2,500 + VAT per annum
*Up to ten employees can access ciriabest simultaneously.

Licensed users can log into ciriabest using their CIRIA account credentials. Alternatively, follow the prompt to create an account or reset password if needed.

Experience ciriabest

Click here to view a demonstration of ciriabest and the presentations from the launch (April 2023).
“As a retrofit SuDS practitioner, I need options to help me clearly explain to budget holders and decisionmakers what we truly gain from well designed and installed SuDS. The ciriabest tool does exactly that, enabling a SuDS designer to give an objective and clear cost for delivering multi-benefit solutions.”
Ian Titherington, Water, Flood and Coal Tip Safety Division, Welsh Government
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