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ciriabest – launch of the new benefits estimation tool

This hybrid event launched the online version of CIRIA’s benefits estimation tool for blue-green infrastructure, ciriabest.

Blue-green infrastructure helps to address climate change issues and provides a range of co-benefits to society and the environment. Some of these benefits are difficult to put a value on and may be disregarded in calculations.

ciriabest provides a robust framework for estimating the monetary value of the multiple benefits of blue-green infrastructure projects. It uses current, peer-reviewed evidence and provides a recognised method for benefits estimation, allowing comparison with the baseline or with other projects and saves time and effort in creating business cases and funding bids.

The tool has been freely available for some time as a series of spreadsheets but has been updated and is now presented as a licenced online application that guides the user through the process of benefits estimation within a spatial, map-based format.

We heard from the developers of the tool who demonstrated how to use it. We also heard from a user of the tool who will show how they have applied it to their project and how the outputs of the tool have been successfully used to demonstrate the value of the project.

How to access ciriabest
  • Visit and log in with your CIRIA account credentials – follow the prompt to create an account if needed.
  • You have free access until 26 May 2023, after which payment will be required to continue using the tool – all work will be retained.
  • For more information about ciriabest, and to purchase a licence, click here.
  • We welcome your feedback on ciriabest – please email [email protected].