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The natural flood management manual launch
The natural flood management manual (C802) covers the delivery of NFM from problem identification through conception, funding, design, construction, inspection, maintenance, adaptive management to end-of-life considerations. It is primarily concerned with the ‘where?’ and ‘how?’ of NFM delivery, rather than ‘why?’ It aims to provide confidence in NFM delivery and ensure the best outcomes, recognising that innovation in this area is constantly emerging.

The manual is intended for use in the UK and is tailored to the geographical settings and conditions of the country, although it draws on advice and case studies from elsewhere and could be of assistance for overseas projects.

The manual covers NFM measures to reduce the risk of flooding from surface water and rivers. It does not include coastal NFM to reduce the risk of tidal or coastal flooding, guidance for which is available elsewhere.

Detailed technical advice is given on four key measures which are considered challenging to deliver and with less detailed information already available. Other measures are covered in one-page summaries with signposts to other guidance.

This webinar introduced the manual and provided an overview of its aim, scope and content. Click here to download your free copy of the manual or alternatively hard copies are available for purchase from the CIRIA Bookshop.

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