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Marine spatial planning - an EMSAGG webinar

This webinar provided an introduction into marine spatial planning in relation to sand and gravel across parts of Europe, and featured leading experts from the marine aggregate and geology industry. Supported by the European Marine Sand and Gravel Group (EMSAGG).

Marine sand and gravel continues to make an important contribution to the development of global economies, with demand expanding for numerous end uses. Marine spatial planning is key to ensuring that long-term resources are available and responsibly managed, and is an important factor towards achieving sustainable development whilst meeting current and future demand.

For the past 22 years, EMSAGG has worked to identify developments and information needs for the marine sand and gravel constituents concerning all aspects of the industry across Europe. It is widely recognised that resource availability is a challenge in this industry, and as a result, marine spatial plans are regularly adjusted. EMSAGG have coordinated with industry representatives to outline a few approaches to this process across Europe.

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Marine spatial planning - an EMSAGG webinar

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