Design risk management

Design risk is a key issue in the construction sector. The challenges vary from historical risk associated with existing piles and ground conditions, to addressing innovations in design and materials and making sure sustainability is at the forefront of development. There are also issues around coping with delays and passing liabilities down the supply chain whilst some incidents are not covered.

This webinar will focus on how designers overcome challenges in terms of design management, innovation and contractual risks. The emphasis is on how you solve issues.

Managing Construction Risk

CIRIA’s Managing Construction Risk Community of Practice  (CoP) brings together practitioners from the construction and insurance sectors with the objective of improving the management of risk and financial performance. 

Through a series of network events and integrated resources the CoP will help deliver more focused collaboration and enhance knowledge transfer in risk management. The events examined within the CoP network include professional indemnity insurance (PII), design, contract works and project insurance.