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Environmental management

Protecting and enhancing the economic value of the natural environment is critical if we are to create a sustainable society. More needs to be done to value our environment as human health and wellbeing are dependent on it. Recent policy publications have demonstrated the importance of protecting and enhancing the environment. The construction industry has a key role to play in helping to deliver these improvements and CIRIA provides a diverse range of guidance, training and networks to help organisations improve their environmental management and achieve best practice.

For those working on construction sites it is crucial that they consider the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainable construction that will deliver a project that minimises the impact of the surrounding environment, reduces the unnecessary use of resources and works within the regulatory framework placed upon the project.

The construction industry also has a larger impact on the environment than just the land we use for buildings and infrastructure. Around half of non-renewable resources that humans consume are used in construction. This demonstrates that the construction industry has a larger impact on our environment than just the land that we build on and so we have an important role to play in reducing biodiversity loss.

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