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Theme sponsorship 

Champion the sector with Theme Sponsorship 

Theme sponsorship gives you exclusive partnership of a variety of workshops and seminars across one of our work areas. This opportunity offers your organisations brand exposure within a theme which addresses specific challenges of construction industry and built environment.

Theme sponsorship lasts 12 months and includes opportunities to contribute to programme development and industry briefings.

Themes available for sponsorship

Join CIRIA to support events which explore integrated and sustainable management of coastal and marine environments for infrastructure, industry and coastal communities.

For Coastal and marine engineering click here

Champion sustainable construction and environmental protection with CIRIA through a series of events examining the role of the built environment in balancing  between environment, social and economic priorities.

For Environment and sustainability click here

Support events examining key challenges such as ageing infrastructure and increased environmental risks as well as promoting principles of sustainable whole-life infrastructure assets design and management. 

For Civil Infrastructure click here

Promote green and blue infrastructure solutions for buildings and infrastructure with CIRIA,  addressing the challenges across construction and urban development.

For Green and blue infrastructure
click here

Partner with CIRIA on a number of events examining ‘smart construction ‘ and ‘intelligent asset management’ including; digital engineering, off site and prefabrication methods and lean construction.  

For Construction technology and processes click here

To discuss theme sponsorship options or other potential sponsorship opportunities please contact Susan Richards on 07933 181770 or email [email protected].