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New guidance: Grouted anchors and soil nails (C794)

CIRIA is pleased to announce the launch of new guidance Grouted anchors and soil nails: inspection, condition assessment and remediation (C794).

Within construction there is huge amount of information concerning the design and construction of grouted anchors and soil nails, but there is lack of guidance on their inspection, condition assessment or remediation. 

Devon Mothersille, Managing Director, Single Bore Multiple Anchor Ltd & Geoserve Global Ltd and co-author of CIRIA guide C794 stated “asset owners often consider monitoring of anchors as onerous, but it need not be so, as it can be relatively inexpensive, may be combined with inspections in some cases, and can be highly effective in achieving extended service lives. Grouted anchors that are designed, executed and tested in accordance with the current anchor standards are known to perform satisfactorily. C794 provides an overview for asset owners, together with more specialist information for those involved with the inspection, condition assessment and remediation of grouted anchors, anchored structures and soil-nailed structures.”

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