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Calling all Local authorities working in the South East and London

CIRIA is working in partnership with the CaBA Urban Water Group to deliver a free full day seminar exploring approaches to better water management, Integrated Water Management (IWM)– joining up the water cycle, which will take place on Friday 19 October 2018.  

This free workshop developed by the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) Urban Water Group and funded by the Environment Agency will bring together local government, Catchment Partnerships, the water industry, the Environment Agency, relevant third sector organisations and consultants working in the South East and London to explore opportunities and discuss how we can work together to deliver improved water management.  

IWM is the pursuit of better water management by having an integrated approach to manage too much water, too little water, as well as its quality. IWM involves the management of water storage, supply, demand, wastewater, local flood risk, quality of watercourses and water bodies and the wider environment.   

The event will be held at CIRIA’s offices in London on Friday 19 October from 10am to 4pm and will feature presentations from speakers representing Thames Water, Imperial colleague and more.  

Find out more and register for this free event.