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Integrated Water Management - joining up the water cycle

This free workshop developed by CaBA Urban Water Group (and funded by the Environment Agency) will provide a seminar and workshop to discuss the delivery of integrated water management in the South East and London. There will be a particular focus on the Thamesmead regeneration area.


Integrated water management (IWM) is the pursuit of better water management by having an integrated approach to manage too much water, too little water, as well as its quality. IWM involves the management of water storage, supply, demand, wastewater, local flood risk, quality of watercourses and water bodies and the wider environment.   This summer we have seen headlines and press coverage about parts of the UK being water stressed. For the longer term there are growing challenges around the impact of changes in our climate and population on the country’s water resilience. In the South East and in particular London there is increasing concern about the impact of localised flooding, pollution on our watercourses and also having enough water to supply our growing and more dense populations in towns and cities.   Over recent years, there has been considerable focus on surface water management and the delivery of SuDS. With these challenges it is now vital that we consider the wider water cycle, move beyond SuDS and deliver IWM to help convert these challenges into opportunities for better water management.

Why attend?

This free workshop developed by the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) Urban Water Group and funded by the Environment Agency will bring together local government, Catchment Partnerships, the water industry, the Environment Agency, relevant third sector organisations and consultants working in the South East and London to discuss approaches to deliver better water management. Specific objectives include:  

  • Showcase approaches to integrated water management (not just flood risk)
  • Provide opportunities to discuss how the water industry, local government and catchment partnerships can work together to deliver better water management
  • Focus on the opportunity and challenge of delivering better water management in the Thamesmead regeneration project

9.30         Registration, networking and refreshments  
10.00       Welcome and overview of the day               
                Peter Bide, Independent Consultant and Chair of the CaBA Urban Working Group  
10.15       Better water management and planning               
                Peter Bide, Independent Consultant and Chair of the CaBA Urban Working Group  
10.35       CAMELLIA: Integrated Community-Engaged Water Management for London                
                Sarah Bell, UCL and/or Adrian Butler, Imperial College  
10.55       Delivering a vision for better water management in Ebbsfleet               
                Simon Harrison, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation  
11.15       Refreshments  
11.40       Thames Water’s vision for integrated water management               
                John Hernon, Thames Water  
12.00       Albion Water’s vision for integrated water management               
                David Knaggs, Albion Water  
12.20       Discussion  
12.50       Lunch  
13.45       An Integrated Water Management strategy for Charlton to Crayford               
                Carl Pelling, Aecom and Tiffany Lynch,  London Borough of Bexley  
14.05       Better water management in Thamesmead               
                Phil Askew, Peabody  
14.25       Outline of the workshop to discuss options for Thamesmead               
                Paul Shaffer, CIRIA  
14.30       Workshop  
15.15       Coffee available – working groups can continue  
15.30       Feedback  
16.00       Close

Who should attend?

Spaces are likely to be limited, so priority will be given to those from the South East working in local authorities, Catchment Partnerships, WaSCs, the Environment Agency, third sector organisations and relevant consultants

19 October 2018
10:00 - 16:00

Griffin Court
15 Long Lane
London, EC1A 9PN

Free to attend
This event is FULLY BOOKED

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