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CIRIA's benefits estimation tool, "ciriabest," trial period is ending

Uncover the power of benefits estimation in blue-green infrastructure projects with our new ciriabest tool, streamlining assessment and driving sustainable development. Following the successful launch in April we entered a free trial period and have been so pleased to have such positive feedback from users.

Ian Titherington, Water, Flood and Coal Tip Safety Division, Welsh Government commented on the tool, stating “As a retrofit SuDS practitioner, I need options to help me clearly explain to budget holders and decisionmakers what we truly gain from well designed and installed SuDS. The ciriabest tool does exactly that, enabling a SuDS designer to give an objective and clear cost for delivering multi-benefit solutions.”

The trial period is ending, but don't worry! All your projects will be securely stored, and licenses for the tool are now available.

Find out more and purchase your licence here.