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Collaboration to become more water resilient in Newcastle

Improving water resilience and delivering better water management is very tricky to deliver alone. Collaboration between organisations and different disciplines is essential to deliver multiple benefits. This free webinar will discuss the use of a Learning Action Alliance in Newcastle to provide a framework for collaboration and the delivery of better water management outcomes in a city.



Innovation in flood and water management, and the transformation towards more Blue-Green infrastructure (BGI) that deliver multiple benefits, is enhanced through partnership working, collaboration and wider stakeholder participation. However, barriers such as ineffective communication, fragmented responsibilities, lack of resources and ‘siloed thinking’ restrict discussion and delivery. The Learning and Action Alliance (LAA) framework helps overcome barriers by creating an open forum for discussion of water challenges and facilitating targeted actions needed to deliver opportunities and outcomes.

The Newcastle LAA was established in 2014 and is still active. It is a catalyst for change and supports collaboration to deliver sustainable flood risk and water management. The shared vision of the Newcastle as a ‘Blue-Green City’ helps focus the actions of the LAA. Learning is the key mechanism for collaboration and has increased organisations’ and individuals’ knowledge of different approaches to flood and water management, enabled frank discussion and negotiation, and identified opportunities where the LAA might influence city projects to increase the level of BGI and delivery of multiple co-benefits.

Why attend

LAA’s are becoming increasingly popular as a way to discuss and solve flood and water management issues. However, there is still limited knowledge of how they operate and why they are a useful for stakeholders who are often time-poor. This free webinar will present recommendations based on lessons learned from the Newcastle LAA to aid other cities and regions striving for collaboration. Insights from two key LAA members will be shared and as will the achievements from the LAA. 

The objectives of the webinar are to:

  • Provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges of BGI in Newcastle
  • Explain how LAAs are an effective approach to collaborate and deliver BGI
  • Provide an overview of experiences of participating in the Newcastle LAA, the benefits of collaborating and key achievements


12.20    Webinar available to log in

12.30    CIRIA introduction

12.35    Establishing, coordinating and overcoming barriers in the Newcastle LAA

             Emily O’Donnell, University of Nottingham

13.00    The role of the LAA in Newcastle’s approach to flood and water management

             Darren Varley, Newcastle City Council

13.25    Collaboration leading to action: key achievements of the Newcastle LAA

             Steena Nasapen-Watson, Northumbrian Water

13.50    Q&A

14.00    Webinar ends

Who should attend

  • Regulators
  • Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Those working in Local planning authorities (planners)
  • Those working in Lead Local flood authorities
  • Those working in sewerage undertakers
  • Infrastructure designers/engineers

This webinar is free to attend

Tuesday 17 December 2019
12:30 - 14:00

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