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Multi-functional artificial reefs scoping study

Multi-functional artificial reefs scoping study (C673F)

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Multi-functional artificial reefs offer an opportunity for coastal defence structures to deliver ecological and/or amenity benefits, and in doing so, support drivers for sustainable development. This scoping study focuses on artificial reef structures used for coastal defence (ie detached nearshore breakwaters) and identifies the opportunities and constraints to adding marine habitat (eg biodiversity, fisheries) and/or amenity (eg sea angling, diving, surfing). By examining existing information and using case studies, this scoping study has identified various knowledge gaps that dedicated guidance about design and materials requirements, economic evaluation and funding, planning and policy drivers, and health and safety issues.

Key words: coastal and marine, environmental good practice, sustainable construction, health and safety, concrete and structures, sustainable resource use, recycling and reclaimed materials, climate change, biodiversity.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-673-2
Author: Challinor, S and Hall, H
Number of pages: 80 (free PDF)
Publisher: CIRIA
Date of Publication: March 2008