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Bringing together key individuals working within the civil infrastructure sector, we will be holding a series of activities including round-table meetings, seminars and conferences.

Working collaboratively with infrastructure clients, operators, regulators and other stakeholders, these activities will address challenges faced by the industry and promote joined-up thinking, knowledge sharing and collaborative approaches to these issues.

Forthcoming events


Infrastructure data technologies - from vision to reality

19 May 2015, London
Highlighting specific initiatives and innovative approaches to data management in infrastructure sector, this event will identify new technologies and processes in capturing, managing and analysing datasets relating directly to the performance of infrastructure assets.

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Planning for resilience: futureproofing infrastructure assets

16 July 2015, London
This event will examine approaches to reducing the vulnerability of infrastructure, including the design of resilient infrastructure and retrofitting or future proofing existing infrastructure.

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Past events

Untangling the infrastructure web: the future of integrated and joint asset management in cities

20 November, London

The event will explore the complex interaction between infrastructure systems at a city and local scale, covering the complex engineering and ownership issues that arise in the management of legacy assets. Case studies of innovative approaches to the integrated management of infrastructure assets will be highlighted. Further details will appear here shortly.

Innovators of tomorrow's infrastructure

19 June, London

The event will provide an opportunity to hear from, and network with, organisations in the construction supply chain that have adopted innovative approaches to the delivery of civil infrastructure. Download the presentations from the seminar.

Smart construction and intelligent infrastructure

13 March, London

This event explored the challenges of capturing, storing, managing and exploiting construction data and features case studies from leading organisations. Download the presentations from the seminar.

Infrastructure risk and resilience to natural hazards

18 September, London

Understanding and managing risks from natural hazards to infrastructure is a key priority for both infrastructure operators and UK Government. The construction industry and civil engineering community have a key role to play in both the design of resilient infrastructure and returning infrastructure assets and networks to normal service following major events.

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