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Working with wildlife at every stage of your development
Dr Rachel Saunders, Principal Ecologist, The Ecology Consultancy discusses the newly revised Working with Wildlife training from CIRIA
What is British Standard 6164?
Wayne Hose, business development manager, Pinssar outlines British Standard 6164 and what it means for the tunneling and construction industry.
Climate change and contaminated land – why should we care?
CIRIA’s new working group on climate change and contaminated land is bringing together a wide range of professionals to explore how extreme weather events (EWEs) will influence their practices.
Perfluorinated_alkylated substances why you need to get prepared
Perfluorinated alkylated substances (PFAS ) are a group of man-made substances used in many industrial and consumer products such as carpeting, apparels, fire-fighting foams, metal plating, stain repellents, polishes, paints, and coatings because
Delivering Green Infrastructure for Growth - Places for people and wildlife
Zoe Hilditch, Technical Support Officer, Cormac Solutions Ltd, discusses Green Infrastructure for Growth (GI4G) - a project that has led the way in Environmental Net Gain and worked with local communities to re-think areas of urban green space.
Learning from the comfort of your own chair
Greg Chant-Hall, Director, Square Gain Ltd discusses newly launched online learning from CIRIA
Has the DfMA revolution begun?
Neil Parkinson discusses the Design for Manufacture Assembly revolution
Wessex Archaeology celebrates 40 years
Wessex Archaeology marks 40 years.
CIRIA debate report - Circularity in the built environment: an impossible dream?
A summary of the key points raised during CIRIA’s 2019 annual debate examining a circular future for the built environment
Using unmanned aerial vehicles for asset management
Alison Matthews, Environment Agency, discusses the use of drone technology and provides and overview of the new CIRIA guide
How the rise of electronic recycling is contributing to a circular economy
Stewart McGrenary, Managing Director, Phonesmart Ltd |, on the need to increase the amount of time portable electronics spend in the system.
Grosvenor plans to hit net zero emissions
Emily Hamilton, Senior Sustainability Manager, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland explains why addressing climate change and meeting the company’s new environmental goals requires joined up thinking and actions.
Berkeley Group’s Approach to Net Biodiversity Gain
Laura Boccadamo, Group Sustainability Manager, Berkeley Group discusses the importance of Net Biodiversity Gain as highlighted in their 2018 Award winning project.
Multiplex’s journey towards setting a Science Based Target
Pavan Juttla, Sustainability Manager at Multiplex Construction Europe on Multiplex's goal of becoming Net Carbon Positive.
Working with Wildlife - new free to download app
John Newton, Founder of and Strategic Advisor for The Ecology Consultancy describes CIRIA's first mobile app Working With Wildlife.
A19 Roadside Improvement
Richard Stelling, Sir Robert McAlpine, on winning a 2018 BIG Biodiversity Award and his wildflower epiphany.
A review of the CIRIA Network in 2018
William Gates, CIRIA Network Manager, reviews the 2018 events and content programme and discusses plans for the year ahead.
What do we need in order to achieve Circular Economy in construction?
Former CIRIA Environment Project Manager and sustainability consultant Kimberley Lasi on what we must address as an industry in order to effectively implement circular economy principles.
A huge win for Thurso South project
Francis Williams, Environmental Project Manager, Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks on winning three BIG Biodiversity Awards
SuDS on linear assets
Jim Herbert, ABG Geosynthetics ltd, on introducing sustainable drainage practices to linear assets such as Highways and Railway.
An opportunity to shine
Tom Butterworth, Technical Director, Biodiversity, WSP and member of the 2018 BIG Biodiversity Challenge and Awards judging panel, explains the importance of the Challenge and gives praise to development projects and their site personnel.
The urban regeneration of existing cities
William Gates, CIRIA Network Manager, discusses some of the 21st Century challenges in regenerating our existing cities by balancing economic growth, environmental protection and social inclusion.
Royal IHC and the world of marine aggregate dredging
Ahead of the 2018 Marine, Sand & Gravel Group Conference 'Beyond the horizon' meet one of the conference supporters Royal IHC.
Regenerating the UK’s post-industrial cities
Professor Steffen Lehmann suggests optimistic, high-level guiding strategies as principles of good urbanism are needed as the basis for any urban regeneration project.
Infrastructure interdependencies: Opportunities from complexity
In the lead up to CIRIA's Infrastructure interdependence in practice event on March 21, Dr Darren Grafius, explores how interdependency can be seen positively and exploited to build resilience and sustainability in today’s global infrastructure syste