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The new age of construction: technology as an enabler
Sam Stacey, Challenge Director, Transforming Construction at UKRI provides an overview and key outcomes from CIRIA’s recent conference held on 10 March 2021.
CoP – The challenges of professional indemnity insurance summary
Dirk Vennix, CEO, CIRIA provides a summary of the community of practice event focusing on the challenges of PII.
New opportunities in China's land remediation market for UK professionals
Joanne Kwan, Project Manager, CIRIA highlights the opportunities for contaminated land specialists to operate in the Chinese land remediation market.
15 years of CIRIA SuDS training
Steve Wilson, Technical Director The Environmental Protection Group Ltd and CIRIA trainer discusses the evolution of SuDS good practice
How the digital revolution can support Net Zero Carbon
Stephen Boyle, Strategic Programme Manager of the Built Environment at Zero Waste Scotland explores the digital investments the construction sector needs to make to achieve Scotland’s ambitious Net Zero Carbon targets.
Community of Practice – Managing construction risk (MCR) round up
CIRIA had a soft launch for a new Community of Practice (CoP) focused on managing risk in construction.
Importance of good screen design
Dr Amanda Kitchen, Consultant Principal Civil Engineer, Mott MacDonald and co-author of the C786 guidance outlines the importance of screen design
Grouted anchors and soil nails: all you need to know
John O’Donovan, GDG Principal Engineer and co-author of CIRIA guide C794 outlines the importance of grouted anchors and soil nails to our infrastructure.
Investing in blue-green infrastructure – the time is now
Peter Massini, Lead – Green Infrastructure, Greater London Authority discusses why a greener urban environment is essential for growing cities.
Integration of green, blue and electricity
Howard Gray, Urban tree enthusiast GreenBlue Urban discusses how can we make our open spaces more multifunctional?
Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure: Moving From Persuasion to Acceptance
Allister Scott, Professor of Environmental Geography, Northumbria University and Chair, Building with Nature Standards Board discusses blue green infrastructure implementation.
Latest changes to BS 6164 diesel emissions monitoring
Wayne Hose, Pinssar Global Business Development Manager outlines the latest changes to BS 6164 diesel emissions monitoring in tunneling and the benefits of diesel particulate monitoring technology in the construction sector.
Is it ok to design screens for manual cleaning
Dr Amanda Kitchen, Consultant Principal Civil Engineer, Mott MacDonald and co-author of the CIRIA C786 Manual discusses if it's ok to design screens for manual cleaning?
Working with wildlife at every stage of your development
Dr Rachel Saunders, Principal Ecologist, The Ecology Consultancy discusses the newly revised Working with Wildlife training from CIRIA
Screens – do we still need them?
Jeremy Benn, Director, JBA Consulting and co-author of Culvert, Screen and Outfall Manual (C786) discusses the role of Screens
What is a city
Malcolm Smith, Arup Fellow and global leader of masterplanning and urban design discusses cities and their complex and contradictory nature.
View from Peter Head - Adaptation without Mitigation is Immoral
Peter Head CBE FREng FRSA, CEO Ecological Sequestration Trust blogs on the subject of CIRIA's annual debate - Cities - adaptation without mitigation is immoral.
Urban trees delivering sustainable water management
Kate Halahan, Trees for Cities blogs on urban trees delivering sustainable water management and the BIG Awards 2015.
Is the future of Cities green?
Professor Steffen Lehmann on CIRIA’s forthcoming debate focused on the growing pressures on our cities, public spaces and infrastructural systems.
How to minimise risk through Responsible Sourcing
Ian Nicholson, Managing Director at Responsible Solutions discusses how to minimise risk through Responsible Sourcing ahead of CIRIA's Minimising Risk through Responsible Sourcing - A Handbook for the Construction Industry launch event next week.
Delivering for communities through a BIG partnership
Helen Spring, Project Coordinator of the Lost Effra Project, London Wildlife Trust discusses winning the BIG Challenge and delivering for communities.
Asset deterioration and degradation modelling of earthworks
Iain McKenzie, Principal Geotechnical Engineer from the Welsh Government, provides his own perspective on the challenges, needs, and opportunities associated with asset deegradation modelling of earthworks.
Air pollution's influence on sustainable cities
Professor Paul Linden, University of Cambridge, on CIRIA’s forthcoming debate focused on the influence of air pollution on sustainable cities.
New online learning for dealing with Non-licensed work for Asbestos in soil
Joanne Kwan, CIRIA project manager provides an overview of the new online learning course.
The value of monitoring in our lives
Peter Sparkes, AECOM Associate director and co-author of CIRIA guide C788 outlines the value of monitoring in our lives.