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Delivering SuDS: Securing SuDS through planning

This one-day facilitation workshop is available for in-house delivery only.


Following a recent government announcement, all major developments are now expected to incorporate Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), unless these can be shown to be inappropriate. Local Planning Authorities are responsible for ensuring proposals comply with this requirement now incorporated in the National Planning Policy Framework – and conform to appropriate SuDS standards. They will also need to ensure local planning policy reflects this revised approach to drainage. To support this increased focus on SuDS, Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFAs) have been made statutory consultees for surface water drainage proposals on major developments and will have to work more closely with Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) in ensuring the SuDS proposals adequately manage local flood risk and deliver other important benefits.

This increased focus on promoting SuDS through planning creates new opportunities and challenges for local authorities. Officers within LPAs, LLFA teams, highways and open space services will need to develop a good understanding of SuDS and how they can be incorporated within developments in order to deliver the best possible schemes for the local area. Where Local Authorities are coordinated and innovative in implementing the new policy, they will ensure new developments play an active role in reducing flood risk and improving water quality, while creating attractive, multi-functional landscapes for residents and wildlife to enjoy.

In partnership with CIRIA, Ruth Newton and Bob Bray are offering support through a facilitation day to work alongside planners, LLFA officers and other teams within Local Authorities who are getting to grips with new SuDS requirements. This will help Local Authorities bring the right stakeholders together, develop appropriate processes, skills and standards to ensure they get the greatest local benefit from the new legislation.

Who should attend?

The day can involve the relevant stakeholders in your local area, bringing together key audiences across different organisations and functions to develop a shared approach to SuDS:
  • Local Planning Authorities (one or several across a county area)
  • Lead Local Flood Authority teams
  • Highways Authority, open space and drainage officers
  • Other stakeholders such as relevant officers, elected members, sewerage undertakers and developers
How can facilitation help?
Ruth and Bob bring extensive knowledge of supporting Local Authorities, through their combined experience of working in both public and private sectors on the design, evaluation, approval and maintenance of SuDS schemes. The facilitation day:
  • provides an overview of SuDS, including key components and case studies
  • summarises new planning policy and guidance around SuDS
  • engages delegates in discussion about the implications, opportunities and constraints of the new approach, to develop a shared vision of SuDS within your local area
  • considers the best approaches for the maintenance of SuDS
  • provides an opportunity for attendees to apply new policy in practice, appraising SuDS proposals in case study developments
  • supports development of an action plan for implementing new policy.
Booking details

This facilitation day is now being offered to Local Authorities as an in-house workshop . To book, please contact Nipa Patel who will be able to give you further details, provide a quote or book an in-house workshop for your organisation. 

More information
For more information and to discuss in-house training requirements contact Nipa Patel on 020 7549 3300.

Meet the trainers

This facilitation workshop is delivered by experienced experts in the field. Watch Bob Bray discuss the facilitation workshop.


Bob Bray, Robert Bray Associates Ltd
Bob is a landscape architect, who since 1996 has been prominent in the design, management and promotion of SuDS for a diverse range of developments.

  Ruth Newton, Freelance Independent Consultant
Ruth Newton has broad experience of working with LAs to develop their capacity to tackle environmental issues, including the successful implementation of SuDS. With a specialism in sustainable design, Ruth has expertise in a number of areas including planning policy, SuDS, biodiversity and climate change adaptation.

"The course was very productive and encouraged multi-team working."
Shropshire CC

"Both trainers were very knowledgable and passionate about the subject, whilst still remianing realistic about the challenges."
LB of Redbridge

"A very useful day that brought it home how important the work of the SAB will be, and how much work is needed to get it up and running. Very informative and with good speakers"
Somerset Council