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To meet the environmental, economic and regulatory demands currently, this training will support compliance with regulation whilst enabling the delivery of high quality cost effective SuDS that deliver multiple benefits.  This engaging two-day course complements SuDS Standards (in all countries), national planning regulations and emerging Local Authority guidance underpinned by the CIRIA’s SuDS Manual (C753). The training will enable practitioners to confidently plan and design SuDS schemes.


Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) make a vital contribution to managing local flood risk and water quality whilst providing opportunities for biodiversity and amenity.  Following the Ministerial Statement (Dec 2014), SuDS are expected in all new major developments. Over time knowledge and experience has improved and this training will share the latest good practice in the delivery of high quality multi-benefits SuDS. 

Who should attend

This informative and interactive course will be relevant to civil/drainage engineers, landscape architects, architects and flood risk managers working in client, consulting or contracting organisations, developers, local authorities, highway authorities, sewerage undertakers, environmental regulators and manufacturers and suppliers.

Why should you attend

This is one of the most comprehensive and established face-to-face learning courses of its kind in the UK which has now been running over 15 years. The course is underpinned by CIRIA’s good practice and the knowledge and the extensive SuDS experience of the trainers. The course will allow you to

- gain insight into current requirements of regulatory authorities
- understand key objectives and principles learning how to apply the SuDS approach using case studies delivered by the trainers
- learn good practice design approaches
- learn how to design SuDS for difficult sites
- learn how to design high quality and cost effective SuDS
- quiz our expert trainers (a landscape architect and engineer) and network with fellow professionals with diverse experiences in the design and delivery of SuDS
obtain CPD accreditation by attending a nationally recognised SuDS training course.


Delegates should already have completed CIRIA’s SuDS foundation course or be familiar with the drivers, benefits and principles of SuDS design. Delegates should also be comfortable with basic maths.

Course content and format of training

The course builds on the information presented in the SuDS Manual, covering practical and detailed issues of SuDS design and delivery.
The courses will be delivered by a team of nationally recognised practitioners who have practical experience of implementing SuDS in a variety of developments.

Course content will be interactive using a range of learning styles to engage and inspire participants and the courses will include a number of demonstrative group exercises and case studies. The use of design examples is central to the courses. 

How will you benefit?

This is one of the most comprehensive face-to-face learning courses of its kind in the UK and CIRIA has delivered this for 15+ years. 

Find out more
Contact Louise Walker, CIRIA lead on SUDS

In house options
To discuss in-house training requirements, contact Nipa Patel.
Meet the SuDS trainers

SUDS training is delivered by some of the foremost, experienced experts in the field. 


Bob Bray, Robert Bray Associates Ltd
Bob is a landscape architect, who since 1996 has been prominent in the design, management and promotion of SuDS for a diverse range of developments.

Paul Singleton, McCloy Consulting 
Paul is a Chartered Civil Engineer specialising in surface water management, hydrology and flood risk; particularly SuDS and hydraulic modelling. He is an experienced public speaker and is involved in delivery of and SuDS and flood risk training across the UK and Ireland. 

Watch Bob Bray and Anthony McCloy discuss Designing SuDS training

"An excellent presentation of the use of SUDs for new and retrofit development."

"Very high quality of training and interesting concepts. Very professional and knowledgeable trainers."

"Very informative and interesting methods of SUDs without the use of Underground pipework."