Opinion piece - Can we ever achieve responsible soil management in construction projects?

Posted on 3/22/2024
Responsible soil management means looking after soil as resource so that soil health and functions can be preserved or improved in parallel with other project objectives.


The importance of soil health: Office of Environmental Protection

Posted on 3/5/2024
The report highlights the vital importance of soil health and stresses the imperative for sustainable soil management, particularly in agricultural and urban development contexts.


Ensuring crime doesn’t pay

Posted on 2/28/2024
The Environment Agency launches Economic Crime Unit to address serious financial offences in the waste sector.


Joint stakeholder workshop with SiLC and CIRIA on 'Future regulation of excavated soils'

Posted on 1/24/2024
On 1 February 2024 SiLC and CIRIA will come together for a joint stakeholder workshop.


... to our Soil Community web portal, which will:

  • Explain why soil is important and threats to soil
  • Provide guidance on how soil can be managed in a sustainable manner
  • List selected soil-related policy and regulations in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
  • Post research, relevant guidance and other tools
  • The portal is part of the Soil Community of Practice research project


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Out now:


Sustainable management of surplus soil and aggregates from construction (C809)

This guide aims to help those who need to understand how to manage surplus soils, in particular developers, contractors, and consultants, as well as those with strategic project level or site responsibility to ensure that projects are designed with materials and waste management in mind from the start. Find out more.


 CIRIA Soil Stakeholder meetings - TBC