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Our youtube channel brings you the latest videos from CIRIA, including useful animations, interesting seminar presentations and staff profiles.

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Featured videos

Ever wondered where the rain goes?
CIRIA's susdrain project has launched an exciting new animation on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) that provides an engaging and digestible overview of SuDS.

The short animation called "Ever wondered where the rain goes?" demonstrates how changes to the natural water cycle caused by development can be positively managed, and, how SuDS turns this challenge into an exciting opportunity contributing to better places.

For more information about sustainable drainage visit

Managing ground water flood risk
Presentations from the LANDFoRM event on 13 November 2014. Find out more about LANDFoRM.
Innovation in infrastructure
This playlist includes presentations from Costain, Arup and CIRIA. Find out more at

More CIRIA videos

SuDS: Local authorities and developers working together
Presentations from the SuDS not duds event in March 2014. For more information visit

Water sensitive urban design in the UK
CIRIA together with its funders and partners launched this animation about delivering water sensitive urban design in the UK, learn more at

International Levee Handbook (ILH)
This playlist includes a series of chapter overviews delivered by the Authors of the ILH. For more information visit

Retrofitting SuDS for maximum benefit
The presentations from this seminar demonstrate how typical challenges can be overcome to successfully deliver SuDS that not only manage flood risk, but provide many other multiple benefits. Find out more at

Lean Construction
These four webinars were delivered by the authors of CIRIA's six Lean Guides. Visit for more information.

Guidance on the management of landfill sites and land contamination on eroding or low-lying coastlines
3 May 2013, London

Meet the CIRIA trainers
The CIRIA trainers introduce their courses, including: Environmental Good Practice, SuDS foundation, Designing SuDS and the SAB facilitation workshop.

The CIRIA Landform conference
10 July 2012, London

The CIRIA BIM interview with Paul Morrell Summer 2012
The CIRIA interview with Paul Morrell, Government Chief Construction Advisor, BIM (Building Information Modelling) progress, adoption and benefits