Containment systems for the prevention of pollution (C736)

Secondary, tertiary and other measures for industrial and commercial premises

This guidance has been developed to assist owners and operators of industrial and commercial facilities storing substances (inventories) that may be hazardous to the environment.

The original CIRIA R164 Design of containment systems for the prevention of water pollution from industrial incidents (Mason et al, 1997) was written primarily for new construction. However, many of the principles have been applied to good effect on existing sites.

The guide has been revised and updated to reflect changes in legislation, construction design and practice and lessons learned from recent incidents (particularly Buncefield), near misses and inspections. Analysis of this and other incidents identifies several causes, future occurrences of which can be avoided by following the guidance in this document. 
In updating the guide, it became clear that the inspection, maintenance, repair, extension or upgrading of containment systems (particularly in cases of change of use) represents a large proportion of the work currently being undertaken. The revision therefore includes a new section covering these issues, such as actions to take on existing facilities, to ensure they continue to perform satisfactorily.

The revised guide also differs from the original by excluding the model design calculations and placing greater emphasis on the need for structures to be professionally designed and constructed.

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