Starting on site (C739)

The guidance provided is useful for all parties involved in any construction project and is applicable to all environments. Readers involved in small projects should filter the guidance to ignore aspects that are not relevant to their work. Similarly for large projects companies may have in-house systems that already address many of the issues raised here, in which case the guidance may be used to inform or supplement such systems.

The information provided should be used in a proportionate manner, but it should assist in identifying the important issues for each particular project. It does not consider individual issues in depth, rather it identifies them and signposts where more detailed information may be found.

This guide does not address the people needed on site or the materials and equipment required, but it is meant to demonstrate a range of issues that should be addressed (or might need to be addressed), signposting where to go for further information. It can also be used as a checklist, and searched for further details. In addition, it may be used as reference material for industry training and CPD.

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