Abandoned mine workings (C758)

CIRIA SP32 Construction over abandoned mine workings was first published in 1983. Supported by industry, principally The Coal Authority, a project to update the guide has been underway for several years.

The new manual is considerably more than an update of SP32 as it has been expanded, both in scope and content, and significantly rewritten. The updated manual also addresses many new areas where practices and principles are emergent and have required considerable discussion among the project steering group.

Given the wealth of information contained in the manual, as principal funders of the work, The Coal Authority have agreed with CIRIA that the chapter drafts are made available to the community before publication.

The draft chapters are unedited and incomplete so should be for reference purposes only. They are not consultation documents. However, if you would like to bring any serious errors or concerns to CIRIA’s attention, please use this survey response form. Comments received will be reviewed by the project team on a cumulative basis.

The deadline for sending in changes or corrections has now closed.  

A full list of chapters and their individual status can be seen by clicking this link
Download the available chapters using this link.

This publication is anticipated for release in 2018 - please check CIRIA's website for any updates.