Guidance on the construction of SuDS (C768)

Over recent years SuDS delivery in the UK has steadily increased. This has improved knowledge and experience particularly around the construction of SuDS. This guide uses that experience to help those constructing SuDS to understand and avoid the common pitfalls.

The guide starts with considering SuDS in the construction planning and management of a site. The guide discusses the construction of the different SuDS components using photographs of actual site works to illustrate both good practice and what can go wrong. Case studies are provided to show how good construction has been achieved or problems resolved.

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Guidance on the construction of SuDS (C768)
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Part A Introduction 1

1 What are SuDS?
2 What makes SuDS different?

Part B Pre-construction

3 Baseline information
4 Understanding the design requirements
5 Site considerations
6 Pre-construction checklist

Part C Construction planning and programming
7 The site team
8 Factors influencing phasing of SuDS construction works
9 Getting the right materials for the job
10 Site management planning checklist

Part D Site management
11 Managing soils on site
12 SuDS and site access
13 Managing erosion and silt on site
14 Establishing planting

Part E Construction and inspecting SuDS
15 Introduction to Parts E and F
16 Inspections during construction
17 Assessing the impact of variations
18 Handover inspection
19 Tolerances for SuDS construction
20 Managing SuDS construction on difficult sites
21 Soils
22 Materials: geosynthetics and aggregates
23 Inlets, outlets and flow control systems

Part F Construction and inspection of SuDS components
24 Rainwater harvesting
25 Green and blue roofs
26 Infiltration systems
27 Proprietary treatment systems
28 Filter strips
29 Filter drains
30 Swales
31 Bioretention systems
32 Trees
33 Pervious pavements
34 Attenuation storage tanks
35 Detention basins
36 Ponds and wetlands

Part G Case studies

37 Case studies

A1 Checklists