Code of practice for property flood resilience (C790)


Property flood resilience (PFR) is an important part of our response to flood risk. PFR includes measures that reduce the risks to people and property enabling households and businesses to reduce flood damage, speed up recovery and reoccupation of previously flooded properties. PFR measures should reduce the amount of water entering buildings (known as resistance measures), or limit the damage caused if water does enter a building (known as recoverability measures).

Developing a code of practice for property flood resilience

It was recognised by those managing flood risk and wanting to improve communities flood resilience that more was needed to be done to improve the confidence and certainty in the planning and delivery of PFR measures.
A Code of Practice (CoP) was developed to set the benchmark for those installing or constructing PFR and includes six standards specifying what should be achieved when delivering PFR. Supporting guidance was produced to explain how the standards could be met and explains how a six staged process aligned with the standards complies with the CoP and follows good practice.

Process of developing a Code of practice

CIRIA developed a collaborative project that involved a representative project advisory group of around 50 organisations from government, regulators, local government and the supply chain involved in planning, designing and delivery PFR. 
The code of practice and guidance was developed with a robust peer review process and it was funded by Aviva, the Environment Agency, Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Department for Infrastructure, Northern Ireland. 

Obtaining the code of practice and guidance 

A series of outputs have been produced that can be downloaded for free, these are listed below.
  • Code of practice for property flood resilience (C790a) - Standards for the delivery of PFR 
  • Guidance on the Code of practice for property flood resilience (C790b)  - Guidance to support the code of practice
  • Making your property more flood resilient – what households and businesses need to know (C790c) - Fact sheet on the code of practice for households and businesses
  • CoP for PFR: guidance for local authority planners (C790d) - Guidance for planners on how the good practice within the CoP can be applied.

Click here to download all outputs of the CoP from the CIRIA bookshop.

Download just the "Making your property more flood resilient – what households and businesses need to know (C790c)" fact sheet below.


This fact sheet provides an overview of property flood resilience and the code of practice.

It explains how the code of practice can be used, how the CoP relates to PFR delivery.

A technical presentation providing an overview of the code of practice for PFR is also available below.
For further information, please contact Louise Walker at CIRIA.