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Content outline

Full document The Biodiversity Net Gain – principles and guidance for UK construction and developments (RP1048) 
Introductions and References
A background to the project, along with a brief introduction to the guide and a full set of references used.
Part A – Introduction – Chapters 1 and 2
Introduces the topic, followed by a summary ‘in a nutshell’ of what implementing BNG involves at each stage of a project life cycle.
Part B – Guidance for local planning authorities – Chapters 3 and 4
Details the benefits, and gives advice on adopting BNG within local plans and planning decisions.
Part C – The business case for biodiversity net gain – Chapter 5
Sets out the business case for commercial organisations of adopting BNG.
Part D – Implementing the biodiversity net gain good practice principles – Chapters 6 to 13
Provides guidance for each stage of a development project life cycle. Chapters 6 to 8 provide guidance on QA and stakeholder engagement - aspects that relate to all stages of the life cycle, while Chapters 9 to 13 each deal with a specific life cycle stage.
Part E – Technical notes
Throughout the guide, policies and processes are introduced or outlined, many of which are common to many chapters. For readers requiring additional information on these topics, a set of 11 technical notes have been produced.
Case studies
During the project, organisations were invited to submit short case studies to illustrate how they are approaching BNG. Many are summarised throughout the guide. The full set has been compiled into a separate publication C776b. Some case studies mention awards or metrics that were applied to the project. However, these have not been subject to any form of audit by CIRIA and are published as submitted, at face value.

All of the above chapters and the full guidance document are available for a free download here.