Research by topic: Civil and ground engineering

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Projects underway

Tower Crane stability guidance - update
The update of Tower Crane Stability guide (C654) aims to demonstrate the safe design of tower cranes in response to changes since the publication of the original guidance in 2006.  
Advanced Numerical Modelling in Geotechnical Engineering
Undertaking mainstream geotechnical design with numerical methods is relatively new for the industry and senior engineers potentially unfamiliar with the methods are required to put in place structures and procedures to guide the outcome and ensure..  
Abandoned mine workings manual
This project will develop a new publication to replace SP32 Construction over abandoned mine workings, published by CIRIA in 1984.  
RP1061 - Grouted Anchors and soil nails - condition appraisal and remedial treatment
This project is to prepare needed guidance in the form of a report that will use case histories, published material and industry experiences to describe good practices and recommendations to assessing the condition and providing remediation to groute  
Engineered and natural slopes - protection and stabilisation systems
This project will improve industry awareness, understanding and application of protection and stabilisation systems for engineered and/or natural slopes. A key facet is the delivery of a series of interactive events to identify and prioritise future  
RP1071- Gates, valves and associated equipment in dams – selection, operation, evaluation and repair
The UK Reservoir Safety Advisory Group has identified the need for further research and guidance on the selection, operation, evaluation, repair, maintenance and replacement of gates and Valves, and CIRIA is co-ordinating the development of a proje  
Structural health monitoring (SHM) systems for civil infrastructure
CIRIA will develop high-level guidance for civil infrastructure owners and operators; client advisors; specifiers; designers, managers and maintainers. The guidance will support business cases to implement SHM and include information on the capabilit  

Project proposals

P3161 - Framework for assessing natural slopes
CIRIA will develop high-level guidance for asset owners, asset managers, consulting engineers and specialist investigators. The guidance will present the advances in natural slope investigations; provide good practice on delivering risk assessments
P3155 - Construction impact - prediction and assessment of damage from ground movements
Ground movements caused by construction activities such as basement excavation or tunnelling have the potential to cause damage to neighbouring structures or services. This guidance will identify the principal sources of ground movements and the meth
Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) for civil structures
CIRIA is developing guidance for civil infrastructure owners and operators, managers and maintainers. The guidance will present the plethora of NDE techniques available in the marketplace, detail their respective strengths and weaknesses and...
P3156 - Engineering with geosynthetics
Both economic and technical benefits can be achieved using geotextiles as engineered solutions but cost savings have largely encouraged their use and further development...