Structural health monitoring (SHM) systems for civil infrastructure (RP1066)

CIRIA’s latest guide (C764) Hidden defects in bridges guidance for detection and management identified the potential for SHM to greatly assist in bridge management. Similarly SHM systems would apply to the management of a broad range of civil infrastructure including waterside walls, dams and tunnels. While many techniques are available and large quantities of academic research are in existence there is currently no authoritative guidance available for asset owners to identify where SHM may be useful or how to specify it.

Recognising the principles of whole-life infrastructure asset management and the fast-changing pace of information and technology CIRIA will support those responsible and/or tasked with making engineering judgements and decisions on when and how to intervene in the lifecycle of infrastructure assets.

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Project status
Authors John Webb and Peter Sparkes of AECOM are preparing the second draft for handover to CIRIA. 
Publication launch webinar planned for 15 July 2020

Aecom, Connect Plus Services, ESRI UK, Highways England, James Fisher and Sons Plc, Mistras, Network Rail, TOPCON, Transport Scotland, Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Welsh Government.

Further information
For more information, please contact Lee Kelly on 020 7549 3300.