Rock slope netting design, installation and maintenance (RP1021)

UK transportation infrastructure owners and operators are increasingly using rock slope netting to safeguard against rock slope failure and progressive degradation.

Rock slope netting systems are either active (post-tensioned) or passive (draped) but both have anchors or bolt fixings to pin and fix the steel mesh netting to the slope. Key aspects of slope assessment, system design, slope preparation (scaling), installation, inspection and maintenance are primarily experience based.

There is no recognised industry standard for rock slope netting. This collaborative research project is to provide objective information on the design, installation and maintenance of rock netting systems.

The development of best practice guidance will be achieved through the following:

  • Collaboration between transport infrastructure owners/operators and the industry supply chain
  • A review of current industry practice both in the UK and abroad
  • A literature review on existing industry guidance / technical notes relevant to hard / soft rock slope stability risk assessments
  • A literature review of existing industry guidance / technical notes relevant to the specification and installation of rock netting systems
  • The categorisation of rock netting components
  • A consideration of slope preparation (scaling) techniques
  • A critical appraisal of examination techniques and monitoring
  • A review of standard inspection procedures
  • The formulation of an industry agreed inspection framework
  • Evaluating cross-organisational approaches to data capture and storage
  • Recommendations for the life cycle maintenance management of rock netting systems
  • Understanding procurement options commonly used by transport infrastructure organisations.

Project status

This project has now started.

Please contact Kieran Tully or Lee Kelly at CIRIA for more information.

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