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Reinforced cast in-situ concrete - error reduction and continuous improvement (RP1078)

This project follows on from work by CIRIA on this issue – Towards Zero Defects. Defects are a constant irritation to the industry, are very costly to fix, lead to delays on projects and undermine industry initiatives to improve performance and productivity as set out in Construction 2025 July 2013  .

Phase 1 of this project - completed
- Desk study to diagnose errors and categorise existing best practice information for reinforced cast in-situ concrete.
- Behaviour model  developed for error reduction applicable to this activity.
- Workshop to test the developed behavioural model and explore solutions to reduce defect and error in reinforced cast in-situ concrete.
- Summary report.

Phase 2 project aims
- Provide the context and justification for the guidance to reduce defect and error. 
- Develop a set of process maps for cast in-situ reinforced concrete using standardised terms. The process maps will be sufficiently broad to cover the initial planning stage through to site completion. They will also have sufficient depth and detail to show how common errors and defects are mapped against these stages.
- Develop an associated set of effective standard key performance indicators (KPIs) to target process risk using leading and lagging indicators. The KPIs will have a clear objective, be easy to measure, scroll up from project to company level and linked to business productivity.
- Show how an organisational maturity model combined with process mapping and key performance indicators can become a model for continuous improvement.
- Identify the approaches, current and emerging, that can be taken to build and assure competence for those undertaking in-situ works.  
- Suggest ways in which the model can be reviewed and modified to manage new risks e.g. changes in concrete material technology and practice. 
- Provide a narrative on how future research into emerging technologies could be used to reduce error for cast in-situ reinforced concrete.
- Liaison with the Get It Right Initiative to ensure our strategic objectives and outputs are aligned and complementary through the course of the project.
- Enable those with a role in planning, procurement, design, construction and leading organisations to better understand their role in reducing defects, errors and improving productivity.
- Facilitate change and improve productivity.

Key outputs of the project

- Good practice guidance publication.
- Industry dissemination.

Project status
The project started in May 2019 with outputs anticipated in the summer of 2020. CIRIA seeks financial support to maximise the impact and benefits to industry. If you are interested in joining the project email [email protected]

Download the full proposal.   Get It Right Initiative letter of support

Further information
To find out more contact Andy Moores at CIRIA.