Non flood-defence-specific structures into the flood defence line (RP1107)

This proposal has been developed in association with the Environment Agency

In many areas it is often necessary to tie flood defences in to riverside/waterfront buildings or other infrastructure whose primary purpose in not flood defence. In many cases this infrastructure will be of historic value or even listed. To ensure the infrastructure is able to withstand the loads associated with a flood event, it is often necessary to water proof, reinforce and retrofit components.

This work has to be done in a manner sensitive to the architecture and the infrastructure function. There are also challenges of ownership, access, maintenance and inspection, insurance, changes of use and/or ownership as well as potential future adaption in the face of climate change. This project would synthesise the latest research and practice and would draw on-going work on property resilience, to develop case study-based guidance on the design, retrofitting and management of embedded infrastructure in the defence line.

This project will cover main river, estuary and coastal flood defences, drawing together experience with such situations across the UK and identifying  lessons learned in terms of successful approaches to incorporating non-flood-defence structures into the flood defence line. The project will engage with the wide range of third parties concerned, and produce guidance / decision tools for use when approaching such situations in the future.

This project is underway 

Further information

If you are interested in this topic, please contact Owen Jenkins at CIRIA.

Project proposal
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