Groynes in coastal engineering (RP1049)

Groynes often form significant elements of the coastal management schemes around the coast of the UK. Investment costs associated with their construction, maintenance and decommissioning is significant. Management practices have evolved as research develops and practical experience is shared.  Recognising this, the Environment Agency, SCOPAC and CIRIA have identified the need for further guidance on the management of groynes, reflecting:

  • The Increased use of rock in groyne construction
  • Materials use - more sustainable sources of timber and recycled materials
  • Variation in maintenance activities, procedures and processes
  • Future adaptive capacity and flexibility in design and placement
  • The need to understand groyne performance, deterioration processes and remedial treatments
  • Learning from a programme of groyne replacement on the south coast.

    Download the full proposal.
Progress to date
Work is being undertaken by a consortium led by HR-Wallingford.

Becoming a funder
As well as enabling this project to proceed, funders will have opportunities to steer the work and network with other stakeholders via a CIRIA Steering Group. If you are interested in funding, please email Owen Jenkins at CIRIA. 

Providing case studies
In addition to data and case studies already identified, CIRIA will be seeking examples of good practice and learning points spanning the topics set out above.