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Greening coastal infrastructure through eco-engineering (P3216)

Over the past few years, academics worldwide have been researching and trialing innovative methods of adapting typical engineered coastal assets to boost biodiversity and quality in local ecosystems. It is recognised across academia that this “eco-engineering” is not common practice in industry, however, if implemented, there are signs that this could contribute heavily to the UK challenge of increasing grey infrastructure sustainability, particularly along our coastal regions.

The goal for the project is to explore the opportunities available to implement ‘green’ infrastructure along the coastline, whether that be through replacement, retrofitting or as part of a new build. It would aim to explore the design, materials, asset lifecycle and the provide key information on the development of engaging business cases to increase awareness of this innovative approach to coastal asset management.

HR Wallingford have been appointed as research contractors, supported by Royal Haskoning DHV and HAEDES.

Project status
Currently in the process of producing the first draft of the guidance. The project steering group is still open to participation from additional funders. 


Further information
Please find a more detailed proposal for this guidance below and contact Jack Young at CIRIA to get involved.

Project Proposal
(Adobe PDF File)