Geotechnical issues in construction - 2013 mini conference and papers (RP994)

The Ground Engineering Advisory Panel (GEAP) has been very concerned about the difficulties in funding new projects, even though the subject matter of suggested titles, for which there are many, have been carefully considered and meet industry needs. Consequently the GEAP has considered a number of alternative approaches to maintaining and raising CIRIA’s reputation as a leading provider of industry guidance on geotechnical and infrastructure issues and to fill the gap created by the BRE and TRL having withdrawn from disseminating this type of research.

A direct output from the GEAP was the proposal to produce a series of short papers on Geotechnical Issues in Construction and to present these papers on an annual basis at a mini conference organised by CIRIA. The short papers would fairly describe in their appropriate context limitations, short comings, lack of knowledge in design and construction practice on a range of subjects as developed by the GEAP. The common theme would therefore not be by subject per se but would be issues for which there is a lack of understanding, awareness or knowledge in an area of work practiced by many.

Project status

This is an ongoing project with an annual output.