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Geotechnical baseline reporting (RP1106)

Geotechnical reporting traditionally takes two forms; factual and interpretative and for both these formats there are British Standards available. Eurocode 7 compliance requires Ground Investigation Reports (GIRs) and Geotechnical Design Reports (GDRs) which can be considered to cover factual and interpretative reporting respectively (Scholes and Smith, 2012, pp.689-698)

Geotechnical baseline reporting however is different because it is used to manage the commercial aspects of geotechnical risk and is not used for geotechnical design. The drafting of baseline geotechnical reports (GBRs) is not supported in the same way by British Standards as GIRs and GDRs. However there is precedent with the American Society of Civil Engineers’ publication Geotechnical Baseline Reports for Construction: Suggested Guidelines

There are no industry guidelines on how they are prepared, what they should include and how their use can benefit the client and the contractor. It is anticipated that the development of good practice guidance for GBRs will encourage better ground investigation, enable a comprehensive understanding of geological and geotechnical risk and lead to better project outcomes.

Case studies required
Case studies illustrating the application of GBR are currently being sought particularly for NEC 4 Alliance contracts. 

Feedback required
In addition to the case studies request, please complete this survey to help us understand the current status of knowledge and experience in UK practice, views on whether GBRs have been beneficial and what lessons have been learned.

Download the proposal below and contact Andy Moores for more information.