Environmental good practice in facilities management (RP1093)

Facilities Management encompasses multi-disciplinary activities and the management of their impact on people, the workplace and the environment.

The current global focus on environmental impacts and sustainability combined with the trend towards more strategic relationships in the industry is evolving the role of FM to incorporate aspects such as green procurement, carbon emissions reduction, pollution prevention and waste and materials management.  

This new guide and one day training course will focuse on Environmental Good Practice in Facilities Management. This project will support organisations as they aim to meet strategic goals (environmental performance and corporate responsibility) and respond to the market demand for value-added services and evolving client requirements. CIRIA’s new guide will help FM practitioners understand environmental and sustainability requirements and offer cost-effective FM services whilst reducing the risk of environmental

Project aims
  • Help practitioners understand the key environmental issues to manage in FM.
  • Support organisations to meet strategic sustainability objectives and respond to the market demand for value-added services.
  • Upskill FM organisations to meet future needs for strategic, sustainability focused partnerships and capitalise on opportunities.
  • Help businesses comply with legislative requirements, thus reducing their impacts and risks of additional costs and prosecution, and protecting their corporate reputation.
  • Help FM professionals understand the key environmental issues to manage in FM activities and overcome the tick-box approach to environmental management.
  • Ensure up-to-date environmental management processes and systems are implemented smoothly, allowing business continuity.
Project status
CIRIA is currently engaging stakeholders to secure funding support for the project. 

Further information
For more information please contact Emma Fryer at CIRIA.