Engaging with risk in construction (RP995)

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The project will produce a companion guide to CIRIA’s Control of Risk guide, (SP125).

The new guide will update readers on the latest techniques in risk management and when to apply them. New management concepts are being continuously developed and refined and a range of new approaches are now in use on construction projects. In the same way that the original guide brought together current best practice, the new guide will equally give the reader an up to date perspective on current best practice. A selection of the tools and challenges identified are shown below.

  • Leadership and soft issues
  • High impact low probability risks
  • Discipline control and governance
  • Common language
  • Trigger levels and tipping points
  • Risk appetite
  • Culture  
  • Balancing risk and opportunity 
  • Uncertainty management 
  • Integration and interconnectivity 

Feedback required

We are currently seeking views and opinions from practitioners.
The short questionnaire below outlines the structure of the new guide and we specifically require feedback on two aspects:


  • What specific points should be included under each chapter heading.
  • We require short case studies or examples of how your organisation has addressed some of the topics to be covered.


Control of risk guide (SP125)

First published in 1996, SP125 helps to control risks from construction projects by introducing a  simple, practical method of identifying assessing monitoring and managing risks from construction. Aimed originally at occasional clients as opposed to professional risk management experts, the guide has been adopted more widely including by regular construction clients contracting organisations and those involved in teaching.

The new guide will give the reader an up to date perspective on current best practice in the same way that the original guide did in 1996.

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Further information
To find out more or to get involved in this project, please contact Owen Jenkins.