UXO through the Construction Cycle – A good practice guidance and Toolbox Talks (RP1051)

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) is an important issue for many construction projects - both land and marine developments. Although they are different and regulated by different regimes, if UXO risk is not managed efficiently, there is a risk of loss of life or injury to personnel and a costly delay to construction or operational activities. 

CIRIA report C681 Unexploded ordnance (UXO) A guide for the construction industry was the first UK guidance on the subject. Although this has improved the way that UXO risk is assessed and managed, it is a big document and may not be very accessible to some professionals. 

Moreover there seems to be more UXO encountered in construction projects in the UK recently. For example there were three UXO cases in London since the beginning of 2017 and many more in other parts of the country.

As UXO become a more ‘frequent’ event, construction professionals needs know how and when to ‘factor’ UXO hazard in their project effect. This will allow the risk is to be assessed and managed appropriately i.e. not wait until the problem has been identified.  

This project will produce a shorter clear, easily accessible and simple to follow guidance to explain when UXO should be considered in the construction project cycle. The output of the work will also include Tool Box talks to help those who are ‘on the front line’ i.e. site workers to be more aware of the issue.

Project status
This project is scheduled for completion Autumn 2019.

Further information
To find out more and get involved, please email Joanne Kwan at CIRIA.